Cut Carbon

Reduce emissions, boost profits and align technical resources in a single source of truth. 


Find, fix, and prevent carbon emissions with a map of your entire production process

Introducing Kelvin Maps!™

See the Whole Picture

Hit Net-Zero Goals by Visualizing the Entire Production Process to the Asset Level

Patent-pending view of contextual information for physical and virtual components across the production process. Find your problems, then fix them. Key Benefits:

  • Upload and share dynamic P&IDs with SKU KPI tracking for production runs and shifts

  • Collaboratively edit process flow diagrams on an interactive canvas

  • See real-time alerts and alarms with ML recommendations to resolve production and operational issues

See What's Possible

Simulate Production Scenarios

Quantify and cut real-time carbon output by plugging into an intuitive and interactive digital twin that actively simulates your production lines. Key Benefits:

  • Condition-based monitoring to improve production outcomes and reduce maintenance costs

  • Get root-cause analysis to remove bottlenecks and communicate to resolve in real-time

  • Receive actionable insights to make control changes and automate operations

Achieve More Together

Collaborate with Operators and Engineers in One Workflow

Align your teams in one collaborative environment to optimize production and lower emissions.  Key Benefits:

  • Resolve issues through easy collaboration tools and connected workflows between stakeholders

  • Grant role-based access to information to retain appropriate context

  • Tap into enterprise IT like MS Teams and Slack to share updates across the organization

Kelvin Products

Find and cut carbon quicker by combining Kelvin Maps. Kelvin Copilots, and Kelvin Platform.